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Impacts on society and community


Hommes posant des plaques photovoltaïquesSeveral methods aims at analysing the social impacts of a project and its effects on the community: social assessment, governance and consultation methods, negotiation tools, etc. The EDILE methodological guide presents these methods and lists 13 criteria assessing social impacts and 13 criteria assessing impacts on the community of an investment project:


Employment and salary

  1. Direct and stable job creation
  2. Qualification of created jobs
  3. Type of contract
  4. Pay scale
  5. Local recruitment
  6. Gender equality, equal opportunities
  7. Vocational training
  8. Safety and occupational risks and accidents prevention


Social policy

  1. Social protection
  2. Employees’ representation and protection, social dialogue
  3. Employee incentive scheme
  4. Informal work in the company
  5. Child labour and forced labour


Sustainable local development

  1. Economic development (economic empowerment)
  2. Community and social investment
  3. Social and solidarity economy (SSE)
  4. Development strategy and territorial anchorage



  1. Rights of local populations
  2. Business ethics
  3. Respect for laws and fight against corruption
  4. Anticompetitive behaviour
  5. Dispute resolution


Government and the media relations

  1. Transparency
  2. Independence from public authorities
  3. Relations with the media
  4. Demonstration value


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