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Impacts on the environment


Several methods aims at analysing the environmental impacts of a project: environmental impact assessment, life cycle analysis, ecological footprint method, carbon content, etc. The EDILE methodological guide presents these methods and lists 27 criteria assessing the environmental impacts of an investment project :


Materials and solid waste

  1. Inputs (materials)
  2. Solid waste
  3. Hazardous waste and products
  4. Recycling


  1. Energy consumption
  2. Reductions in energy consumption
  3. Renewable energy


  1. Water consumption
  2. Reductions in water consumption
  3. Water discharges


  1. Greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Emissions of ozone-depleting substances
  3. Emissions of NOx, SOx and fine particles

Soils et biodiversity

  1. Soils consumption
  2. Ecological continuity
  3. Protection of habitats
  4. Conservation of protected species

Adaptation and major risks

  1. Climate change
  2. Natural hazards
  3. "Artificial" hazards

Environmental quality of infrastructure, goods, services, and operating mode

  1. Respect for heritage
  2. Construction quality and impact on the landscape
  3. Pedestrian access, residents and animals
  4. Noise pollution
  5. Environmental quality of products and services
  6. Transport and logistics optimisation


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