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Impacts on the economy


Poignée de mainsSeveral methods aims at analysing the financial viability of a project, and, beyond, its economic contribution: due diligence, financial analysis, risk analysis and economic analysis (cost-benefit analysis). The EDILE methodological guide presents these methods and lists 17 criteria assessing the economic impacts of an investment project


  • Direct Economic Efficiency :

  1. Financial viability
  2. Economic viability
  3. Physical efficiency
  4. Direct Added Value
  5. Capital Investment
  6. Innovation and intangible investment
  7. Net public contribution


  • Market adequacy and social needs

  1. Improving supply for the consumer
  2. Product or service’s intrinsic value for the customer or consumer
  3. Product or service made available to local population
  4. Eviction of existing companies supplying attractive products
  5. Maintaining / creating a new business sector


  • Indirect economic impact

  1. Sub-contracting and local purchases
  2. Downstream industry, distributors and domestic customers
  3. Indirect job creation
  4. Partnership attitude
  5. Local infrastructure improvement


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