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Forum RESET 2016

Marseille,  France 
Conference, Workshop / Seminar

The 2016 edition of Forum RESET will be held in the Parc Chanot Congress Centre in Marseille on 8 March 2016. This forum is a meeting of all stakeholders (SMEs, large groups, institutions, associations, networks) that put CSR at the centre of their concerns.

ANIMA, coordinator of EDILE project, will be presenting the EDILE label on local and inclusive investment and leading a plenary session on “New borders of CSR”, as well as two workshops. 


Meet the EDILE project and the speakers at the Forum events throughout the 8 March 2016 day :


2 WORKSHOPS  :  09:30 - 10:30   Workshop : How does strengthened gender diversity
contribute to the evolution of models?

Sawsan Wazzan, Founder and CEO of Diet Center enterprise,
elected of the Chamber of Commerce  of Beirut 

Entrepreneuriat au Féminin
Moderated by: Elisabeth Laville Fondatrice d’Utopies
14:00 – 15:00   Workshop : Improving competitiveness, increasing market shares, how to find the right partners in the Mediterranean?
Emmanuel Noutary, General Delegate, ANIMA Investment Network
Enzo-Sami Helou, Scientific Coordinator Director business development in the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) 
Ahmed Ernez, CEO of Biome Solar Industry, manufacturing company and solar water heaters plant (Tunisia)
Shaden Beydoun, Manager Project, the Chamber of Commerce of Beirut 
Moderated by Badr Biede, Inclusive Investment Officer, ANIMA Investment Network


1 MINDSET :  15:15 – 16:30   MindSet : Ahmed Ernez, CEO of Biome Solar Industry
The MindSet is a meeting with experts who speak for 10 minutes about
“solutions of tomorrow”.


1 PLENARY :  17:00 - 18:30   Plenary : "The new boundaries of CSR”
Tarak Cherif, President of the Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT), Vice-President of ANIMA Investment Network.
Daniel Fasquelle, Vice-President of the National Assembly Commission on Economic Affairs, MP and Mayor of Touquet Paris-Plage
Mohamed Laqhila, President of the Marseille PACA Regional Council of Chartered Accountants 
Stéphane Soto,  General Director of Aix Marseille French Tech
Serge Burtin, Director Dalkia Méditerranée


For more information and download the full programme :