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Guide for investment project evaluation: a simple and innovative tool




The EDILE guide adapts international institutions’ evaluation toolkits to Mediterranean countries contexts. It strives to highlight the interest, including for project promoters and investors, to develop projects that are better integrated into the local social and economic fabrics.




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  • Analyses and studies: Assessment of existing practices and needs; Identification of innovative indicators and initiatives for the enhancement of project inclusivity within their local environment;

  • Preparation of the EDILE guide: Construction of a referential for project evaluation; Development of implementation tools (methodology, best practices, training kit);

  • Seminars for the validation and the dissemination of the EDILE guide among project partners and targeted actors.




Training and dissemination: a “learning-by-doing” approach


Having economic actors appropriate the EDILE guide relies on an operational approach built on experimentation, through the selection and the assessment of 15 real investment projects, as well as practical training and support of involved organisations.




  • Identification and analysis of 15 pilot investment projects Collection of data and identification of best practices in terms of project qualification and local economic spill-over optimisation;
  • Training workshops on project evaluation and optimisation;
  • Organisation of discussion forums on the pilot investment projects;
  • Regional thematic seminars focused on inclusive development issues (employment, social solidarity economy, environment, etc.);
  • Technical assistance missions to support local actors in the implementation of evaluation procedures and other actions aiming at fostering more inclusive investment projects;
  • Dissemination of the EDILE guide and associated tools to relevant national and international organisations in order to promote such initiative in the Mediterranean.