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EDILE label: Invest for local impact 

A pact for the future between territories and investors 

Supported by international development institutions (European Commission, Union for the Mediterranean), the label goal is to generate a new dynamic business projects in the Euro-Mediterranean countries. Built by experts with field experience, the label is based on 35 ratings criteria tested for 2 years with pilot projects.  It aims at identifying and promoting investment projects which have a positive impact on their implantation territory, in the following terms: economic, social, environmental, and community. EDILE approaches is to help companies to progress step by step according to their specific needs.





  • Expertise to enhance yo ur economic performance, reduce your energy bill, improve the efficiency of your human resources and make local communities approve your projects
  • Tools for self-assessment, consulting and training at your disposal 
  • International visibility and recognition among the economic community and international organisations 
  • Offers and privileged access for the EDILE-labeled given by partner providers and administrations in your country
  • A club of inclusive impact investors comitted to the optimisation of local impacts in the Mediterranean to act together, exchange good practices and generate business opportunities 


The 4 EDILE lines of action 

Economic commitment 

1. A strategy to develop local purchases and support local sub-contractors 
2. A partnership attitude with companies of the same sector
3. A local infrastructure improvement plan 

Social commitment

4. A job creation strategy promoting stable jobs, good levels of qualification and equal opportunities 
5. A human resource management fostering employee fulfilment 
6. A job creation strategy using and strengthening local skills 

 Environmental commitment

7. Action plans to optimise energy and water consumptions and to improve transport and logistics 
8. A waste management plan to reduce waste production, improve waste management and promote recycling 
9. Plans for the conservation of project environment and the protection of residents and consumers 

Community commitment 

10. An active participation in the development and integration of local communities 
11. Partnerships with the social and solidarity economy 
12. A social commitment for good governance and local development 


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